Natural And Homemade Recipes Are The Best Remedies For Keratosis Pilaris

There are many external and internal factors which can cause skin diseases. Dust, pollution, etc. are some of the external factors which affect the skin, while blood impurities, food allergies, etc. are some of the internal factors which can cause various skin diseases. Keratosis Pilaris is a skin disease which is internal in nature and is caused due to the excessive secretion or production of Keratin in the body. Although, this disease has no serious or fatal consequences attached to it, the sad part is that there are no known remedies for Keratosis Pilaris

No Remedies For Keratosis Pilaris

The appearance of this disease is often confused with that of acne and hence, people start taking the necessary medication and precautions which one should follow in the event of suffering from acne. But, except for their appearance, there is absolutely nothing common between the two skin ailments. Medications which are taken during acne do have any positive effect in the case of this disease. Hence, all sorts of medication should be avoided. The only reason which has been associated with the occurrence of this disease is that of dryness of the skin. If the skin becomes too dry, this disease will spread further. Therefore, if the skin is kept hydrated at all times, the spread of this disease can be controlled easily. For this any of the home remedies like use of coconut oil or creams and moisturizers can prove to be extremely effective. There is no pain associated with this disease, hence the need for painkillers and tranquilizers does not arise. However, in more serious cases where the pimples turn into very dark reds, antibiotics may be prescribed only in those extreme cases.

There are many cosmetic companies which are present in the market and which claim to have found a guaranteed solution for the problem of Keratosis Pilaris. But, the truth is that the skin cream that they sell under the name of treatment for Keratosis Pilaris and for which they charge heavy prices are nothing more than skin hydration creams. The same task can be done by using a simple coconut oil or your daily moisturizing cream. Therefore, do not get fooled by the advertisements of these companies. There is no treatment for this disease and always remember, it is a better idea to try out natural home tricks for solving skin problems which have no side effects rather than opting for harsh chemicals being sold in the market.

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